Greywell Village Hampshire

22/01347/EIA Land At Lodge Farm, North Warnborough

Message from the Chairman of Greywell Parish Council:

Dear Villagers,

You may have seen various items on social media and the Greywell Village email system regarding the potential development of an enormous logistics hub at Lodge Farm. This is clearly a very disturbing proposal and I want to give you some background information so you can clearly understand the current position.

There are currently 2 separate yet linked processes in play:

First, there is application 22/01347/EIA; this seeks a formal Scoping Opinion (from the Hart District Council Planning Department) with respect to the scope and methodology of any future Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in relation to the development proposal.
The findings of the EIA would then be reported in an Environment Statement as part of a full planning application (not a given that a full application will be made).

Second, there is application 22/01355/PREAPP; this is a request for formal pre-application advice (from Hart) in relation to the developers’ emerging proposals for the development. In the developers’ own language – “the applicant wishes to address the broad principles of development, rather than the detail of the scheme”.

In simple language, the above applications are all about the developer getting a feel from the local authority for what they will have to cover/address in terms of any future full planning application.

Greywell Parish Council (GPC) will be discussing these applications at their meeting on 21 July. GPC is not included in the formal consultation process for the EIA Scoping Opinion; however; Odiham Parish Council is and they have lodged their views on what topics the future EIA should cover.

In terms of the pre-application advice, there is no consultation with key organisations or the general public. This is because the current submission is not an application for planning permission. Hart Council does not formally consult the public, parishes or adjoining authorities on pre-applications despite the documents being publicly accessible. The pre- application submission seeks feedback on the development from the planners and their response will be based on planning policy constraints and issues for the developers’ consideration, which ultimately will have to be addressed within any formal planning application that the developer may make in the future. At that point a full consultation process would take place.

Notwithstanding the technical point above (made by the planning officer), you may have seen that members of the public and Odiham Parish Council have lodged objections to the proposals.

I will give further feedback/advice on our way forward following our discussion at the Greywell Parish Council Meeting on 21 July

Note to Villagers on Friday 22 July 2022:

Dear Villagers,

In the note circulated on Wednesday you were promised feedback from the Parish Council’s discussion regarding the proposed development at Lodge Farm.

At our meeting last night, the level of concern amongst the community was duly noted and it was decided that although the Council is not a consultee, a short ‘opening salvo’, to both the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion and the pre-application advice request, would be appropriate - if only to squash any perception at Hart that we are not interested! For information, the 2 comments submitted to the Hart Planning Department are attached.

As the current applications are not a formal planning application, councillors agreed to recommend that residents do not, at this early stage of the process, need to make individual comments to Hart as they will not be considered. If in due course a full planning application is made the Parish Council will give guidance on what action residents may wish to take.

In the meantime, the Parish Council will be contacting neighbouring stakeholders to explore ways in which any future actions can be coordinated.

Best wishes,

Cllr Mike Barter
Cllr Richard Cole
Cllr James Malmesbury Cllr Henri Mogg
Cllr Liz Muir

Pre-Planning Application 22/01355/PREAPP- Greywell Parish Council's Comment

Whilst the proposed development is not within the Parish of Greywell, its entrance would be less than one mile away. Consequently, although not a formal consultee, Greywell Parish Council (GPC) wishes to register its view on the 2 most important areas of concern to Greywell residents which must be fully investigated in any future EIA.

The transport and access parameters in the scoping report are extremely ‘thin’ and it will be imperative that an EIA relating to any full application fully explores the impact of the massive increase in traffic in the area. In the pre-application for the proposal (22/01355/PREAPP), the Transport Statement suggests that there could be up to 14,273 extra vehicle movements on a typical weekday! Detailed analysis of such traffic volumes must explore the reality that a large proportion of this traffic will not simply arrive from junction 5 of the M3, and will adversely affect all of the surrounding villages.

Planning Application 22/01347/EIA – Greywell Parish Council’s Comment

The EIA must fully consider the proximity of the Greywell Fen SSSI (800m from the site) and the Basingstoke Canal SSSI (less than 500M away), which includes the famous Greywell Tunnel bat populations.

Greywell Parish Council (GPC) appreciates that Officers do not conduct a consultation when a developer seeks pre-application advice. However, the associated documentation is in the public domain and this has been studied by a large number of Greywell residents.

The degree of alarm and abject horror generated by this pre-app is such that GPC is compelled to register the strongest possible objection to this potential development, which is not a part of the Hart Local Plan 2032.

The landscape and visual impact of ‘slab fronted’ metal structures over 21m high covering the equivalent of 13.5 football pitches would be immense. However, the prospect of up to 14,273 extra vehicle movements on a typical weekday saturating the local road network in every direction is truly frightening.

To gain an unscientific yet everyday image of this sort of traffic volume, GPC used 7136 one- way journeys and assumed half were a large articulated truck and the other half an average sized car. If a 2m gap was placed between each vehicle the resultant queue of traffic would be 55 miles long!