Greywell Village Hampshire

About Greywell Parish Council

Greywell Parish Council (not to be confused with the Parochial Church Council, which is ecclesiastical) forms the third tier of our system of local government; the District Council (Hart) and the County Council (Hampshire) being the other tiers.
The Parish Council endeavours to safeguard the interests of the community. This is achieved in a variety of ways including monitoring services carried out by District and County Councils, representing views of parishioners to other authorities, supporting and liaising with local organisations, protecting its environment, sustaining and developing community spirit, and giving recognition to parishioners and volunteers who contribute to the fabric of the village and supporting local enterprise.
The Parish Council’s role is limited - many of the issues which concern parishioners are the responsibility of Hart and Hampshire County Council. Nevertheless, it has a right to be consulted on important issues like planning. The Parish Council holds a meeting generally every two months. All villagers are warmly invited to attend and put forward their views in the public part of the meeting.
The Parish Council has five members, including the Chairman, who are elected at four yearly intervals, and is supported by a part time Parish Clerk.  The next election will be in May 2026


Greywell Parish Council are pleased to confirm that Councillors signed up to the Civility & Respect Pledge at the meeting of Full Council on 22 March 2023.

Throughout many Town and Parish Councils there are growing concerns about the impact of bullying, harassment, and intimidation on local councils, Councillors, Clerks and council staff and the effectiveness of local councils. For this reason the National Association of Local Councils has been working with partner organisations to put civility and respect at the top of the agenda and start a culture change for the local council sector.

Greywell Parish Council has signed the pledge to demonstrate it is committed to standing up to poor behaviour across the sector and driving through positive changes that support civil and respectful conduct. This is the result of growing concerns about the impact of bullying, harassment and intimidation on local councils, councillors, clerks and council staff and the effectiveness of local councils.

The Civility and Respect certificate can be found under the Parish Council Key Documents