Greywell Village Hampshire

Greywell Parish Council's Key Documents

The Parish Council operates under the following governance and policy documents:

  1. Standing Orders
  2. Financial Regulations
  3. Risk Assessment
  4. Code of Conduct
  5. Planning Protocol
  6. Publication Scheme under the Freedom of Information Act
  7. Data Protection Policy
  8. Privacy Statement

The current Certificate of Employer’s Liability insurance cover is available in the adjacent table.

In addition, the Parish Council is required to publish the annual return information. This will be shown in the table opposite once it is available for the past financial year. Previous years annual return information can be found in the Document Archive.

Audit 2021-2022

Date Document
31-Mar-2022 Annual Governance Statement 2021-2022
31-Mar-2022 Bank Reconciliation 2021-2022
31-Mar-2022 Certificate of Exemption 2021-2022
31-Mar-2022 Explanation of Variances 2021-222
13-Feb-2023 Internal Audit 2021-2022
13-Jun-2022 Notice of Public Rights and Summary of Rights 2021-2022
27-Jul-2022 Notification of Exempt Status
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